The 2020 BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe is a big deal!

The 2020 BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe is a big deal!

It’s larger, more spacious, and just as fun as the coupe.

BMW new 8 series came to market less than a year ago with the 8 series coupe. Since then, BMW has been busy flushing out the entire lineup. A couple months in came the 8-series convertible, followed by the high-performance M8 earlier this month. And now, likely wrapping up the lineup, we have the 8-series gran coupe; the four-door version that properly seats four adults that will enter production in July.

Obviously, the gran coupe has a longer wheel base than the rest of the 8-series to make room for a proper second row. If you’ve sat in or seen other reviews of the 8-series coupe, then you know that the back seat in those vehicles is a nice place for a bag and that’s about it. The Gran Coupe body however is a whole 9 inches longer, 1.2 inches wider, and 7.9 inches added to the wheel base. This added space leads to 7.7 inches of additional legroom in the back. And perhaps the second most important measurement; rear headroom is increased by 3.4 inches, making a more upright roof at the trade off of a true four-door sports car.

The Gran Coupe will be available later this year in two different trims. The M850i xDrive will have the same 4.4L twin-turbo V8 from the coupe. It’ll produce the same 523hp and 553 pound-feet of torque as well. All of this power will launch the Gran Coupe M850i to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds. Stepping down to an 840i will get you BMW’s wonderful twin-turbo inline 6 making 335hp and 368 puns-feet in this application. The 840i will be available in rear-wheel and all-wheel drive variants. The xDrive spec reaches 60mph in, a still very quick 4.6 seconds, with the rear-wheel drive spec lagging behind a bit at 4.9 seconds.

Finally, for pricing, the Gran Coupe is only marginally more expensive than the regular coupe version. The 840i will run you $84,900, the 840i xDrive starts at $88,800 and finally, the M850i comes in at $108,900.