Jaguar, Land Rover begin the transition to FULL ELECTRIC!

Jaguar Land Rover has been busily preparing its next-generation platform; a platform that will facilitate new, all electric vehicles.

This new platform is pretty significant for a couple of reasons. First off, the platform is entirely modular which allows it to be easily adapted to fit every vehicle in JLR’s lineup. Dubbed MLA, short for Modular Longitudinal Architecture, the platform is built around the concept of compatibility; specifically with upcoming engines from jaguar like the new inline six we recently covered and even future hybrid and electric powertrains.

What’s even more exciting is that these new EVs are coming soon. Not that long ago JLR first announced their plan to have a full electric variant of every vehicle in their lineup by 2021 but now we are getting more information on what vehicles are going to be getting electrified first.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE I-PACE? The astute among you will recognize that the I-Pace is actually JLRs first full EV. While this is true, the I-Pace is actually built on a one-off platform; not MLA. Therefore its in a sort of different category but given its success, I would expect Jaguar to soon refresh the I-Pace with a facelift that also switches over to the MLA platform for brand consistency.

So, getting back to MLA. The first vehicles we will be seeing it in are the new generation Jaguar XJ and the Range Rover. Really interesting in this announcement is the fact that the new XJ will launch initially as an EV only. The v6 variants will be coming later and there is no mention of v8 models at this time. The XJ is obviously being posed to rival the infamous Tesla model S but also the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT. All three of these new EVs are slatted to drop in 2020.

The next generation Range Rover will also be on the MLA platform and will be hitting the streets sometime in 2021, as confirmed by JLR CFO Ken Gregor. It is less clear in this case what trims and models of the upcoming Range Rover’s will be getting a full electric variant but they will all be offering a plus-in hybrid variant and a mild-hybrid system based on the new twin-charged inline six. Again, there was no mention of v8 models.

While Jaguar Land Rover may be downplaying the v8 in upcoming models, I still suspect we will be seeing them. However, I would predict the supercharged v8 soon becomes limited to high end or high performance trims like the SVT or SV Autobiographies.

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