Dodge wants to make WIDE BODY a household term

The 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat and Scat Pack will be offered in wide body variants.

Dodge Charger Hellcat Wide body

Dodge Charger Hellcat Wide body

The two most powerful chargers in the lineup are getting even more. bragging rights in 2020. The Hellcat charger will only come in the wide body flavor moving forward, and the R/T Scat Pack will offer you the choice…But why wouldn’t you? I mean look at it.

The kit widens the charger by a drastic 3.5 inches and adds custom front and rear bumpers that integrate with the very “in-your-face” fenders that scream “don’t even try” when you pull up next to it at the light. Under the car, Pirelli P Zero’s measure in at a whopping 305 wide to help the charger put power to the road and accelerate to 60 in a very conservative 3.6s for the Hellcat. Private tests have shown this number to be closer to 3.3-3.4s in the current hellcat charger.

Dodge also worked to improve the handling of the charger wide body variants by stiffening the suspension, and updating the anti-roll bars. The Hellcat also ditches the hydraulic steering of the past model in favor of a electrically assisted setup that now allows for more customizability. This all helps the wide body to pull a Dodge claimed, 0.96g on the skidpad which is extremely impressive for any vehicle best especially a “family” sedan.

Dodge has not yet released pricing yet for the updated variants but we can expect to see them before the end of 2019. For reference, the Challenger wide body runs about $6k more than the standard variants.

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