2020 Mustang GT500 ... More Horsepower Than the Camaro ZL1

Surprising literally no one, the GT500 is an absolute beast but today we have more specifics on how much of a beast it really is and how it might shape up against the competition.

In terms of raw power, the GT500 has a lot but not the most on the market. At a whopping 760hp and 625 lb-ft of torque, there is no room to complain. However, it is worth noting that the numbers are slightly lower than those of the Dodge Hellcat Redeye which makes 797hp.

Source: Ford Motor Company, 2019

Source: Ford Motor Company, 2019

Redeye aside, the GT500 blows past the competition with its hand-built 5.2L supercharged V8 and seven speed automatic transmission. Ford claims that the GT500 can rocket to 60 mph in the mid 3-second range. I suspect this number could be quite a bit lower with a change of tires but regardless, that is a TON of power to try to put down to the road without spinning.

If the GT500 name is only vaguely familiar to you, you can be forgiven because Ford hasn’t built a GT500 since 2014. But this updated 2020 model, besides being based on the newest mustang platform, also is seeing some significant changes in terms of design. Everything from the A-pillars forward is new. This includes the huge hood scoop and the super aggressive-looking air duct in the front grille….even more badass than the one on the Hellcat. Besides these features for drawing air in and extracting heat, Ford engineers worked hard to improve the aerodynamics and downforce of the GT500 to make it a true track weapon and not just a straight line missile. * cough * “Doge” * cough *

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