The Legend Ian Callum is Leaving Jaguar, What's Next?

Check out the video first:

Ian Callum is without a doubt a legend. He career started in 1979 with Ford. He then moved to TWR in 1991 where he was responsible for the DB9, DB7, and vanquish of the era. Then, in 1999 he made his final move over to Jaguar. At that time, Jaguar was stilled owned by Ford. He’s primary goal was to restore the former glory and beautiful design that jaguar used to be known for to the modernizing company.

After Jaguar and Land Rover were sold by Ford to Tata Motors, Jaguar really seemed to take off. This growth was fueled by additional resources and freedom afforded to them by their new owners. This all came at the expense of higher expectations however. But Jaguar did not disappoint.

Ian Callum led the charge on the entire new lineup of Jaguar vehicles including the beautiful F-Type, and massively popular F-Pace SUV. Jaguar has also recently unveiled its first, full electric vehicle, the I-Pace.

Ian is leaving with one regret unfortunately. He wishes that Jaguar would have moved forward with the C-X75 supercar (pictured). This supercar saw two different prototypes in its life-span. The original one debuted with four electric motors but was soon updated with a revision featuring two electric motors and a four-cylinder engine capable of producing over 500hp thanks to being both turbo and supercharged.

Anyone in the automotive community has to respect the taste and design of Ian Callum. He certainly was a blessing for modern day jaguar and modern day cars alike. He leaves behind big shoes to fill but hopefully Julian Tompson, who worked directly under Ian is up to this challenge to guide jaguar into the future.

What is your favorite Ian Callum design?